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Discount Codes 

DISCOUNT CODES enable you to make on-line purchases at a discount if orders are placed very quickly, by the EXPIRATION DATE accompanying the code.

Discounts are available for on-line purchases only and purchases which are made in addition to the Bride & Groom's initial wedding package.

On-line discounts do not apply to the Bride & Groom's initial wedding package.

If you plan to order loose prints, framed prints, photo books, photo postage stamps or any other product, please place your order quickly.

To locate the DISCOUNT CODE, consult the email that brought you to this site or find it in the text box at the top of the Main Gallery page!

Discounts WILL NOT be honored after the EXPIRATION DATE!

To use the DISCOUNT CODE, enter it when asked near the end of the checkout process.

Please be aware that the discounts expire about two months before the gallery does so please place all orders as quickly as possible.

Please note that watermarks DO NOT appear on any ordered prints!

We appreciate your patronage!